Paint Brushes

The Kolinsky (Mustela Siberica) is a species of the Mink family, a member of the Weasel clan and a native of Siberia and northeast China. There is no doubt Kolinsky is the best hair available for the manufacture of artists’ brushes due to being conical in shape, strong in character with a long tapered point and thick belly. The excellent snap & spring together with immense liquid holding capacity make them a first choice for watercolourists.  Though they can be used with any type of paint such as Oils, Acrylics and Enamels. The high cost of the hair being the only major drawback (usually weight for weight three times the price of gold). Once used however the difference compared to others is well worth the difference in price. Consider Kolinsky Sable a long term investment.


If you require a selection of brushes as opposed to the sets listed here then please contact us through the contact form listing what sizes you require and we can give you a quote on the cost.  But as a guideline if you order any six brushes then the price will be around £16.99 with free postage.

Paint Brush Set - Round Size 10/0

Set of 6 Size 10/0 Kolinsky Sable hair paint brushes. The set contains 6 size 10/0 brushes.